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Anne Rehkopf Townsend, CFRE - Strategic Fundraising. Development consulting, coaching and training to help you be successful in raising money for your cause.
Anne Rehkopf Townsend, strategic, fundraising, consulting, coaching, training, New York, NY
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Let’s work together to map out a fundraising strategy and a plan for implementation that allows your nonprofit to raise the funding you need to support your programs.


Growing organizations that want to increase their fundraising capacity are often overwhelmed by the multiple needs and opportunities that come their way. Staffing these departments is hard — development staff need to be well skilled in a variety of tasks (events/grants/major gifts) and at the same time able to multitask.


Getting a strategy in place is critical for fundraising success. Drafting a plan is done in collaboration with the staff and board (a team defined by you).


Together we will:

  • Assess your current efforts — what is in place, what is working, and what needs improvement
  • Design a new plan that is workable for your organization
  • Execute a plan of action to help you enhance and expand your fundraising efforts


We will create a manageable plan for your current staffing while looking to the future to identify areas of growth. We will identify the organization’s strengths and help figure out the next hire to support the work of the current staff.


You will receive a development plan that fits today’s resources and grows with your organization. Each plan is drafted so that you can take it and implement it on your own. Some clients want additional support and decide to move into a coaching relationship after the plan is written. Either way, the clarity of having a plan in place will help your organization grow and thrive.


A key component to every plan is how to engage the board so that their time is used wisely, their contacts leveraged appropriately, and the coordination on the staff side is manageable so that goals can be reached while using the best skills of everyone involved.


Once the staff is up and running with the plan, we will get the board and stakeholders involved. Click here for more information on Board and Leadership Training.