Work with Anne - Anne Rehkopf Townsend- Strategic Fundraising
Anne Rehkopf Townsend, CFRE - Strategic Fundraising. Development consulting, coaching and training to help you be successful in raising money for your cause.
Anne Rehkopf Townsend, strategic, fundraising, consulting, coaching, training, New York, NY
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I am a sole practitioner on purpose.


I LOVE getting to know my clients, developing a relationship, and working with them one on one to help solve issues around fundraising. Helping clients uncover their strengths, teach them how to do the work on their own, and then learn to succeed without me is my main goal.


All my clients come through referrals from current and former clients.  Because we develop a relationship, I stay in touch after the work together is complete – checking in periodically, celebrating successes and listening to challenges as they arise.



Each client is unique and each project is unique. We work together to create the best scope to address your needs. I establish fees for services based on an agreed upon scope of work and timeframe for accomplishing objectives. Rates are set at an hourly fee, reflective of the time and staffing needs of the project. I do not take a percentage of funds raised or a commission for services, consistent with the code of ethics of the American Association of Fund Raising Professionals. Additional expenses beyond consulting fees include: clerical support, telephone, travel, postage, printing and are determined beforehand so that a client can estimate what may be incurred.